If you were going to build a brand new city today, where would you want to put it? Why? Remember,

If you were going to build a brand new city today, where would you want to put it? Why? Remember, you want to have a city with a functioning economy, reasonable weather, and relatively easy access to building materials (are they nearby? If not, can they be transported?). You may choose any area of the world, but try not to choose an area that already has a large city. Write an essay of 700 words or more describing your city. Cite your sources at the end of the project by listing the URL for each source.
Make sure you answer the following questions in your essay:
Where is it located?
Where does most of the food and other goods come from? (Give specific shipping routes or modes of transportation.)
What do most people do for a living in this city?
What major industries exist here?
Will your city be famous for anything? (For example, New York is famous for its pizza, while Amsterdam was once famous for its tulips.) You will need to explain why your city has this famous item and why it is different from other places.
What resources will be plentiful in this city?
What resources will need to be shipped from very far away?
What type of housing will there be?
How will people get around? (by car, boat, walking, bicycle?)
Do you see any potential problems with your city? (for example, bad weather, resource shortages, transportation problems, etc.)
Will there be a large suburban area around your city, or will most people live near the city center?
Remember, you can make up anything you want about your city, but you will need to be able to explain how your city fits into its geographic area. For example, you can’t say that a new city in Florida will be a great center for trading diamonds unless you explain how the diamonds get there, and why people choose to trade in diamonds in this city over another one that is closer to the diamond mines.
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