Put the verb in correct tense form 1.Three months (be) a long time to wait.

I.Put the verb in correct tense form
1.Three months (be) a long time to wait.-
2.Five dollars (be) too much to pay for that book.
3.A number of books (be) on the table.
4.The number of students in this class (be) limited to thirty.
5.It (be) my two brothers who (be) hurt.
6.It (be) the children playing upstairs.
7.Neither of the answers (be) correct.
8.Neither (be) to blame.
9.Everybody (have) a good time.
10.Either your key or my key (be) missing.
11.John or his brothers (be) going to .
12.Bread and butter (be) all he asked for.
13.The author and lecturer (be) arriving today.
14.My old friend and colleague, George (be) in town.
15.The pen and paper (be) on the desk.
16.Jim and Joe (be) roommates.
17.The boxes of candy (be) on the table.
18.The package of cigarettes (be) on the table.
19.Oranges and cream (be) perishable and should be refrigerated.
20.Oranges and tangerine (be) delicious.
21.Most of the members (be) happy.
22.Half of the students (be) looking out.
23.Some of the sugar (was/were) spilt on the floor.
24.There (be) plenty of time.
25.There (be) a lot of lakes.
26.I, your master, (command) you.
27.My wife, not my friends, ( is waiting/are waiting) for me.
28.Early to bed and early to rise (make) a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
29.Either the mayor or the eldermen (be) to blame.
30.Not John but his brothers (be) to blame.
31.A fever, a mutilation, a cruel disappointment, a lot of wealth, a lot of friends (seem) at the moment untold loss.
32.A cart and horse (was/were) seen at a distance.
33.Her principal anxiety (was/were) her children.
34.Nobody not John and William (was/were) there.
35.Man, no less than the lower forms of life (be) a product of the evolutionary process.
36.The girl, as well as the boys, (has/have) learnt to ride.
37.The bat together with the ball (was/were) stolen.
38.The newspaper and the dictionary (be) on the table.
39.Here (be) bread and the dictionary.
40.Here (be) bread and butter for breakfast.
41.The ship with its load of timer (be) leaving the port today.
42.Noone (be) eager to be examined the first.
43.It (be) her lies that ( irritake) me so much.
44.Three fourths of the wall (be) painted.
45.Two fifths of the members (be) present.
46Two times two (make) four.
47.Two 2’s (make ) four.
48.Two plus two (be) four.
49.How many (be) six and five?
.50.Nine from fourteen (be) five.
51.Twenty years (be) not a long period of time in human history.
52.Five dimes (make) fifty cents.
53.Five dollars (be) a small sum.
54.“ The three Musketeers” (be) written by Alexandre Dumas.
55.You don’t have to say much , a word or two (be) sufficient.
56.These (be) one or two things I’d like to talk over with you.
57.The number of new books in our library (be) ever growing.
58.A number of new books in our library (be) displayed at the book show.
59.Our only guide ( be) stars.
60.There (be) a lot of traffic on this road.