1.People know that she is a good swimmer. 2.They say that Francis is in hospital.

1.People know that she is a good swimmer.

2.They say that Francis is in hospital.
3.They think that the children are in bed.
4.People believe that the robber has worked in the bank.
5.People believe that nuclear power stations are dangerous.
6.His colleagues thought that he was on holiday.
7.People know that cars pollute the environment.
8.They suppose that the new product will come out soon.
9.They found that the mission was impossible.
10.They believe that she will win a gold medal.
11. People say that Halong Bay consists of about two thousand islands.
12. They thought that the temple had been destroyed by a fire.
13. The police have reported there is an accident on the road to Sa Pa.
14. We are expecting the park will be recognised as a World Heritage site by UNESCO next year.
15. Many people will claim the rule of the game is too complicated.
16. We know that Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex was selected for filming Kong Skull Island”.
17. Everyone believes Son Doong Cave is one of the largest caves in the world.
18. They estimated one million foreign tourists visited Viet Nam in December 2015.
19. We have understood that protecting natural wonders has many benefits.
20. People hope that this complex of monuments will be open to the public soon.
21.People say that she doesn’t tell the truth. She .
22.People think that we aren’t busy today. We .
23.People believe that this house must be painted. This house.
24.People say that I am looking for a job. I
25.People think that you can’t answer the question. You .
26.People consider that the President doesn’t want to be re-elected. The President .
27.People say that she has got a large family. She.
28.People know that the Scots wear kilts. The Scots
29.People believe that Tom spends holidays abroad. Tom .
30.People said that I didn’t warn him. I .
31.People thought that Agnes wasn’t old enough to go to the disco. Agnes .
32.People believed that John was murdered last week. John .
33.People said that you couldn’t hear the car crash. You .
34.People said that Eric didn’t remember his wedding. Eric .
35.People thought that The Nelsons family didn’t sell their house. The Nelsons family.
36.People considered that I had to enjoy his company. I .
37.People said that the weather was awful. The weather .
38.People thought that Mrs Hanks knew a lot about the art. Mrs Hanks .
39.People believed that several nurses were looking after a patient. Several .
40. People thought that a bank clerk was offered a better payment terms. A bank clerk .